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​With a strong moral and ethical code of conduct, integrity is at the core of everything we do within our business and for our clients. 


Highly competent with a wealth of knowledge in both the credit and collections industry.​



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We are passionate about our clients' success, receiving excellent feedback for the quality and diligence we place on our work. 


We fully understand that each business has its own compliance requirements. Our approach is clear - we tailor our services to meet our clients' specific requirements, remaining flexible at all times.

What does the FCA's Systems and Controls Sourcebook (SYSC) mean for firms and Senior Managers?

SYSC now includes the requirements of the SM&CR, but the earlier chapters are crucially important for those accountable under the Regime and their practical responsibilities for their firm’s arrangements. So this week, to ease us gently into 2020, we’ll take a look at the part played by the FCA’s Senior management arrangements, Systems and Controls Sourcebook, or SYSC, and what it means for firms and for Senior Managers.

FCA's Priority of Operational Resilience - What Does That Mean For Your Firm?

High on the FCA’s cross-sector priorities for 2019/20 is ‘operational resilience’. The Regulator has recently turned its attention to technological changes and advances, particularly where these might impact on consumers or on regulator supervision, so it’s no surprise that high on the agenda is potential disruption caused by failure – or something more nefarious – of IT systems and other technologies.

What is explicit consent?

There is some concern about how a customer’s vulnerability can be collected, recorded and acted upon, given the constraints of the General Data Protection Regulation. So to help firms we’ll be focussing on the interplay between vulnerabilities and the GDPR in a series of articles between now and the first half of 2020. First up is the issue of explicit consent.

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Our Experts

Robert Bell LLB
Managing Director

Law graduate and experienced compliance professional at Director Level for 10+ years working in collections and consumer credit lending. Robert is known throughout the industry and judges the CCR Credit Excellence Awards.

Victoria Bell 
Learning & Development

Highly experienced within the educational sector, predominately at University level. Victoria maintains our learning provision and ensures our courses are of the highest quality. 


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