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Operational Resilience Resources 

Operational Resilience

With the operational resilience requirements being phased in we understand the need for guidance and support. We have produced a high-level roadmap which can be downloaded for free and a more detailed guidance document called ‘Operational Resilience: Simplified’ aimed to assisting you to understand the requirements.

  • Operational Resilience Roadmap FREE

  • Operational Resilience: Simplified £50

Operational Resilience Roadmap

This free download provides you with a high-level overview of the steps required to implement the requirements.


Operational Resilience: Simplified

This guidance aims to provide an overview of the regulations and guidance on how to implement an Operational Resilience framework for an FCA regulated firm. It will be particularly helpful to firms that are moving from a Core firm under the Senior Managers and Certification Regime (SMCR), to an Enhanced firm.


Chapter 2 of this guidance sets out the regulatory requirements for Operational Resilience. Chapter 3 provides some useful guidance on how to implement the framework, while Chapter 4 sets out how to report breaches to the Regulators.


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