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Why We Use a Game-Based Approach to Compliance Training

We have been providing compliance training to the financial sector for over 25 years. We used to only use face-to-face instruction, but it was a priority for us to create a new and innovative way to deliver training.

And then we found it — game-based learning. 

This approach is the perfect delivery method for compliance training because it’s:

  • Engaging

  • Effective

  • Flexible

  • Easy-to-use 

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Engaging Compliance Training

Whilst we always make our face to face training engaging, in fact we pride ourselves on making our compliance training the most engaging session received by the learners, the online version has always been a challenge. But then we found our solution, game-based learning.

With a game-based approach, the content is completely transformed into playable lessons. These modules create challenges and interactivity that keep learners engaged with the information and the process. Each training module is also intentionally short. It’s much easier to hold someone’s attention for five-minutes than it is for five-hours.

Effective Compliance Training

The best way to learn something is through repetition and practice which is what this way provided. When we switched to a game-based approach, knowledge retention instantly went up. The reason? Game-based training is designed to be addictive, so people replay modules. Every time they redo a training session, they’re improving their score, but also improving their knowledge comprehension (and confidence).

Flexible Compliance Training

One of the biggest drawbacks of instructor-led training is that it’s a logistical nightmare. Schedules need to be synched, you need to find a space to hold the training, and figure out how employees will get there if it’s off-site. And should something happen and you need to reschedule, it could be months until there’s another time that works for everyone.

Game-based training is all done online, so it’s much more flexible. Employees take charge of their learning experience and fit in training when it’s convenient. Not to mention, they can choose the device they’re most comfortable with. We’ve found that giving people this type of flexibility greatly increases the chance they’ll actively participate. 

Easy-to-Use Compliance Training

Training needs to be easy to implement. If it takes too long to get courses ready, or employees find it hard to use — it’s never going to be effective.

The great thing about game-based training is that it’s user-friendly. Trainers can easily upload or create new lessons, and dive deep into the analytics to monitor how the training program is developing. For learners, game-based training is intuitive for anyone that’s played any type of mobile or online game before — and for those that haven’t — the instructions are straightforward and easy to comprehend.

Choosing a Game-Based Training Program

There are a number of different game-based training applications, but we work exclusively with LemonadeLXP, an addictive microlearning platform. Their learning experience platform makes compliance training easy, efficient, and enjoyable.

What makes them stand-out from other training solutions is the ability to:

  • Customize a booster game that drives continuous engagement

  • Track skill and knowledge growth (and gaps) with surgical analytics

  • Author games, simulators, role-play scenarios and other content in a snap

We currently offer financial clients over 30 pre-built compliance courses for LemonadeLXP. These training modules can be used as-is or customised to your specific needs. If you would like to see it in action, contact us for a demo.  


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