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A Hub of Compliance Training Courses

RB Compliance proudly announces our partnership with LemonadeLXP, the all-in-one learning experience platform for financial institutions. This collaboration, which signals our shift from instructor-led to online training in the wake of COVID-19, will bring engaging compliance training to our current UK and European financial service clients.

A Hub of Compliance Training Courses
A Hub of Compliance Training Courses

LemonadeLXP transformed our compliance materials into an online hub of addictive game-based training courses. The learning experience features over 200 game-based training modules on subjects that range from consumer credit to complaints handling. 

“Compliance training is traditionally feared by learners. Their expectation is that the content will be unengaging and complex. However, we pride ourselves on making compliance the most interesting subject. By teaming up with LemonadeLXP, we have enhanced our content further and launched the most interactive, engaging, and entertaining compliance training possible. We believe we have created a compliance training hub that trainees will return to, time and time again, to improve their knowledge.” — Robert Bell, Founder and Compliance Consultant, RB Compliance

“The partnership's a win-win for both organisations. RB Compliance Consultancy is now armed with compelling compliance training as they pivot to remote learning, and LemonadeLXP gains access to the UK market with experienced local representation.” — John Findlay, CEO and Founder, LemonadeLXP

RB Compliance Consultancy and LemonadeLXP will be hosting a webinar on microlearning and digital compliance training on June 24th. Join us to see the future of compliance training in action and stay ahead of the curve. 


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Corporate Compliance Training

Our online compliance training platform is specially designed for firms looking to book a number of learners on our courses

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Compliance Resources

Our online compliance resources provide all the information you need to know in relation to compliance hot topics.

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